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About us

For more than 60 years weber Sensors is represented on the sensor market worldwide. Under the trade mark captor® we develop, produce and distribute sensors for monitoring and measuring of liquid and gaseous media as well as inductive proximity switches and hot metal detectors.

Our sensors are distributed through a dense sales network worldwide. Our competent partners on-site support you and advise you to find individual solution for your application.


Quality first

Quality is always the primary goal of our corporate structure. All processes and procedures of weber Sensors GmbH in Germany, as the main production site, are clearly structured within the framework of the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, which fulfils the internationally recognised quality requirements of ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and is regularly checked by external auditors.


We therefore do everything we can to not only maintain our high quality standard but to continuously improve it. We are proud to offer our customers reliable sensors in highest quality.



Future proof solutions 

Whereas in the past automation was still mainly based on "human" considerations, today's automation systems require a high degree of functionality and "intelligence" in all components - simple installation, reliable function and easy maintenance are required.


weber Sensors can look back on many years of activity in research and development. We are very proud of this, because innovation and experience are what give our products their technological edge. Coupled with the constantly pursued basic physical research, the products with the captor® name are always a guarantee for a technologically optimal and economical solution.

Focus on the customer

Since the beginning of the company's history more than 60 years ago, the customer and his individual, application-specific tasks have been our top priority.


Every captor® system represents our long term experience and our commitment, as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sensors, to offer our customers worldwide competent advice and support in the planning, installation and operation of captor® systems.

System partnerships

Many of our customers are international operating OEMs and system integrators. Our contribution to such a partnership exceeds normal customer / supplier relationships. In close cooperation with our customer partners we develop "integrated sensor solutions" designed for the entire concept of the system. 
The combination of the industry specific know how of our customer with our unique experience and knowledge of electronic sensors results in the most economic technical solution for the task in at hand. 


Company history

The founder Günther Weber started his first business in Weinheim, Germany, a small town near Heidelberg, with the development and production of sophisticated, electronic measuring equipment for the steel industry.  By working with this industry he learned how to design equipment and sensors capable to survive this harsh industrial environment.


  • 1955 The first static infrared Hot Metal Detectors without moving parts and without adjustment potentiometers were introduced to the steel industry.  This development became the famous foto-captor that is still the leading HMD in the steel industry.
  • 1961 The first two-wire inductive proximity switch was introduced by weber as a direct replacement for mechanical limit switches. This was the start of a new era in the sensor industry. Many of today's well-known proximity switches can be traced back to the proxi-captor of weber.  Based on the early pioneering and developments by weber, Germany is today the leading world supplier of proximity switches.
  • 1965 The small "Technology workshop" had to expand. weber founded weber Elektronik GmbH & Co KG at its new location in Kollmar, north of Hamburg, Germany.
  • 1968 Two new families of products were emerging, both based on the calorimetric principle, utilized for the first time in industrial applications by weber:  the flow-captor and the vent-captor.  These products opened new markets for the company and they became the building blocks for growth in the coming years.
  • 1979 The success of the captor line required a wider, international orientation for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. For this weber Sensors GmbH was established.  The captor line was expanding. The requirement of reliable system in automation created new applications and with it came the development of new products.
  • 1982 The increasing demand of captor products then required a factory for manufacture of standard products. Ireland was selected as the location and weber Sensors Ireland Ltd was established.  At the same time the sales in the UK started growing; weber Sensors Ltd. was then established in Southport, UK.
  • 1986 There were already activities in the USA, and this was the right time to put more emphasis on the US market, weber Sensors Inc. was then established in North Lima, Ohio.
  • 1997 weber Sensors Inc. (WSI) was then exclusively serving the steel industry. But soon the activities were expanded to the much bigger potential outside the steel industry. This required a better-suited location and WSI moved to Woodstock, Georgia. Due to the evolving global economy in the 1990's the different weber companies started working together as a group, we call it the "captor group".
  • 1999 The captor group was growing. For better coordination and support of the members of the captor group, captor Management Inc. was established.
  • 2001 We have worldwide nearly 100 dedicated employees specializing in development, production, sales and customer support of captor products.
  • 2006 weber sensors Inc move to new larger premises; Acworth GA, European companies restructured, Sales & Marketing, R&D and production split into independent companies; enabling weber to respond efficiently to customer demands and the changing global economy. They all help our customers and partners with the task of advancing automation. OEMs throughout the world like to work with captor products from weber. Not only because of the wide application of captor products, but because of the global network of the captor group for customer service and support
  • 2016 The production in Ireland will be closed. Therefore the production capacities in Germany extend and additional jobs can be created. In December weber Sensors Ltd. in Germany has transferred its business to the weber Sensors GmbH.