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Overviews of industries




weber Sensors supplies an extensive range of sensors wherever water-based media are used in automation processes.


Dosing systems, flow monitoring and measurement, water treat-ment, dry-running protection of pumps are just some of the applications in which our sensors are used. From large waste water pipes to the smallest pipe diameters - we can offer the suitable sensor depending on the customer's requirements.







Automation technology is applied in a wide range of industries, e.g. the chemical industry, the food industry and many others.

We offer sensors with different electrical outputs for this purpose, which can be integrated into the respective control process.


Operators of automated plants all over the world are convinced of the reliability and durabilty of our sensors.







Our products are widely used in the global steel industry and are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.


Wherever electrical switching commands can be released by the inherent radiation of hot rolled material, our foto-captor (a hot metal detector) have proven itselve under the toughest environ-mental conditions.


Our proxi-captor, an inductive proximity switch and meter for metal detection, also convinces with its robustness and reliability.


Individual solutions according to the customer's requirements are possible.







Protecting our environment is one of the most difficult tasks for everyone - it requires close cooperation between industry and research institutions.


One example is the flow-captor 4140.13, which is suitable for monitoring the cooling circuit in wind energy plants.


Also in industrial areas along highways with large amounts of traffic air pollution monitoring stations are placed to continuously analyse the air quality. Our vent-captors are used to measure the amount of air intake - this value is used to calculate pollution rates.







In this industry, our sensors are used in some of the most well-known companies with applications such as transformer cooling, temperature and air monitoring.

Projects cover areas such as power generation through hydro-power, renewable energy, aviation, railway and automotive industries.


The railway industry is an example for the use of flow and temperature meters in locomotives and traction units, where the oil cooling circuits of power converters and transformers have to be monitored.